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La Casa Alvarado

La Casa Alvarado was built around 1840 by Ygnacio Alvarado, who received a deed to the homestead from Ygnacio Palomares. The latter co-grantee with Ricardo Vejar of Rancho San Jose, stipulated that a room be built large enough to accommodate religious services. The sala, 18' by 42' was used for this purpose for 45 years. In 1870 the first public school sessions were held there for a short time.

In 1886, Dr. Benjamin S. Nichols purchased the property and constructed redwood frame additions. In 1951 they sold the house to Alphonse B. and Isabel Lopez Fages (who maintained it until it was sold to its current owners who have worked in its restoration).

Private residence - not open to the public.
1459 Old Settlers Lane, Pomona, CA 91768