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The Pomona Valley and the city of Pomona in particular have a rich and interesting history, and the Historical Society of Pomona Valley is proud to share it with you. We protect and preserve important historic sites, records, and artifacts and to educate the public about the area's history.
​Only by knowing where we have been can we know where we are headed.

The Historical Society was founded in 1916 largely through the efforts of Sarah Jacobus, librarian at the Pomona Public Library. The original charter had only 28 members, but we've grown considerably since then. We hold ​multiple events throughout the year and operate the Pomona Ebell Museum of History, the Adobe de Palomares, the Casa Primera de Palomares, the Barbara Greenwood Kindergarten, the Phillips Mansion, the Currier Mansion, and the Spadra Cemetery. ​


To make the rich and diverse history of the

Pomona Valley a meaningful part of people's lives.

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