**Last Updated January 2021**


Read more about the City of Pomona's
​Historic Preservation Commission.

Find these links and more on the City of Pomona website.

*Note that some documents are out of date.


There are several key organizations in Pomona related to history & historic preservation. Use our handy guide to determine who to contact. When in doubt, contact HSPV. We're always here to help.

The Historical Society of Pomona Valley manages multiple historic sites in the area and archives with historical documents and artifacts. Contact us if you'd like to tour a site or you have a question about Pomona Valley history!

Pomona Heritage focuses on historic building preservation. They run an annual Preservation Workshop, plus annual Home Tours. HSPV highly recommends both! You can find more info about them on their Facebook page or their website.

The Historic Preservation Commission and Planning Division of the City of Pomona have authority over designated historic structures and districts. If you're interested in designating a site or making alterations to a historic home (including homes in historic districts), contact the Planning Division (see City links above) or reach out to a Commissioner. HSPV is also always happy to offer helpful tips and assist in designation research.