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The Museum of History was founded in April of 2005 and is located in the former Pomona Ebell Women’s Club Building. The Pomona Ebell Club operated from March 1897 to 2004. Members met in churches and other borrowed spaces until they were able to build their Craftsman style clubhouse. It was dedicated on the evening of Thursday, October 13, 1910. The building consisted of a reception hall, parlor, dining room, and a large kitchen. It was designed by the prominent Lincoln Park architect, Ferdinand Davis, after he designed the Shakespeare Club House in Pasadena. The total cost for the building and grounds was $11,000.


While originally located on the corner of Pearl Street and Garey Avenue, the building was moved to its present location on Holt and Caswell Avenue in 1919. At the location, club members added a large two-story auditorium with dressing rooms and seating for 3000 people. It was completed in 1924.




The goal of the original Ebell Club,  located in the city of Los Angeles, was to “interest women in the study of all branches of literature, art and science, and the advancement of women in every branch of culture.” Ebell members in Pomona  We're well known for their  philanthropic acts.


Musical concerts, receptions, parties, and other gatherings made the Ebell an important social center in the Pomona Valley. World-renowned singers and musicians such as Will Rogers and comedian Joey Brown are among those making guest appearances at the reception hall.


In addition to social activities, the Ebell Club House was an important political center. Club members were early and active advocates for women's suffrage. And it was in the Ebell Auditorium that Richard Nixon first announced his candidacy for political office. Three years later, Senator Nixon would announce his intent to run for president against John F. Kennedy on the same stage.

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